DON’T JUST LOVE THIS BOOK BECAUSE OF WHAT YOU SEE ON THE COVER ALONE BUT BECAUSE IT ALSO CONTAINS: 1) What Pope Francis did with blood-soaked human flesh found in his altar chalice in 1996 when he was the Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Argentina; and the New York connection to it. 2) What Portuguese Newspapers wrote about that world event of 13th October, 1917, when the SUN left the Sky, dancing its way down to the earth looking bigger than a foot-ball field, changing its colour severally, and later went up again, as the huge crowd cried out with terror and bewilderment; and what caused this frightful phenomenon as the First World War was going on. 3) The correct way to pray the Rosary and reap its Power and Benefits in full, rather than waste efforts by praying wrongly. 4) The secret of the Power in Novena (9) Prayers and what “9” can do which no other number (from one to billions) is able to do the same, and why it is a mystery number seen as A GLIMSE OF THE WONDERS IN HEAVEN beyond human explanation. 5) How not to go to heaven “empty-handed”. (See Hymn 140 of Catholic Hymn Book – “Must I go . . . and empty-handed”). It costs only N280 (Two Hundred and Eighty naira) per copy to down-load online. Pay into Ecobank Nigeria: Name: SOJAM PRINTERS AND PUBLISHERS. Acc No: 5093044543. You can also obtain its hardcopy by adding to N500 (Five Hundred naira) cost of courier service from Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria. For this, call 08063352660 or send email to:, detailing your request or order
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